The easiest way to get prices estimation for your upholstery is simply contact us: we'll help you to make all required measurements.

How to calculate a price

Each price is quite individual. To calculate approximate price for cushions, measure cushions back length (see example on this page), then multiply it by materials+labour works cost (see below).
For your convenience we made a calculator.

Approximate price for materials and labour work

Approximate price for materials and labour work, calculated for a foot of backseat’s rear cushion:

  • Fabric 50 £
  • Leather + Fabric 60 £
  • 100% leather 70 £
Example of price calculation
3' 6'


Add up cushion lengths: 3ft + 6ft = 9ft

then multiply by price per foot (45 stands for fabric finish): 9ft × 50£ = 450£

Price Calculator for cushions upholstery

Enter your sum length of cushions and select a material type:


Price is approximate, because each order is individual.

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